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We are dedicated and passionate advisors, we literally go the extra-mile and work around the clock, all over the globe, sweat for excellence and take great pride and fun in the process. Most clients choose us and stick with us because we are uniquely inspiring individuals, with fierce open-mindedness and strong principles at the same time.

Undeniable Logic

We build our decisions on the iron strength of logic and the steadfastness of analytics, this leads to brilliant and doubtless results.


Genuine Credibility

Trust is the cornerstone of our business relations. Under the firm roof of our company, we provide our clients with a sense of security and confidence as if they have just crossed the threshold of their own home.


True Values

Deeply believing in the importance of fundamental human values, emotional intelligence and spontaneity, we are still able to intelligently balance the opposites in the name of excellence.


Here are small samples about what clients & partners say about BHG and our consultants.
Eunice, under-promise but over-perform. I shared a very good working relationship. Very spontaneous in the responses and very hard working.

Sachin Shah Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs
The two major qualities are integrity and balanced spirit. (the consultant) can deal with tensed situations in the most professional way, always very enthusiastic when facing any issue with a positive attitude.
Sylvain Ricciutelli Head of Data Management at Nordea Bank
They collaborated with me to develop entrepreneurial ventures, raise funds and build dedicated tasks force. Great contribution in terms of energy, leadership, team-spirit and influence.
Aristide Ouattara Senior Manager at Deloitte
Serious, dynamism and ethics qualify very well Mr Joel Nzali with which I agreeably collaborated in Luxembourg and with which I will collaborate still readily.

Hugues Lermusiaux Head of Business Development – Eaglestone Group
We found in Joël all the qualities of a good financial executive : bold, good communicator, courageous, team player, exemplary, rigorous. Joël is a strategic visionary capable of creating a secure environment, conducive to the growth of a company. We recommend Joël for the piloting of complex projects at international level.

Madeleine Eba Founder of My Little Cameroon
It is a real pleasure to work with Joseph. He is result-oriented and passionate and always comes up with innovative solutions to meet challenges. His outstanding communication and networking skills make him a successful fundraiser and a valuable team leader.

Hawa-Saadou Kebe Consultant at UNIDO
I worked with Joel in Luxembourg and on an African project. So I am entitled to say that if you like the kind of guy that will work hard to deliver what was announced, won’t make excuses and prefer to bring solutions rather than problems, then you have the right guy.

Fred Dalmasie Head of Agricorp SAM Monaco
A very bright and reliable professional, able to understand the big picture and capable to translate big ideas into tangible actions that combines technical, managerial and social skills. You can always count on his entrepreneurship mindset and creativity.

Philippe Pierre PwC Partner, European Union Institutions (EU) Global Leader
Joël is a careful and thorough professional. Many times involved in several financial transactions, he always assessed carefully the feasibility of the operations, identifying smart business solutions that are, at the same time, extremely simple in implementing. Person of great culture and strong sense of duty.
Alberto Marghieri CEO AM Service Srl, Former senior executive of Alfa Romeo, Porsche, Fiat and Chrysler
Fernando has outstanding skills in Finance, Law and languages. He is a very dedicated individual and his ideas in Business development rapidly proven effective , even in a difficult economic environment. Fernando has very strong qualities. His integrity and professionalism were to the highest standards and personally , it was a pleasure to have him in my team.
Pierre Pezzin Pierre Pezzin Finances & Patrimoine
Fernando performed with initiative and high work ethic, always trying to understand the client’s needs and exceed the expectations. Fernando appeared to me as a very good team player and particularly convinced me of his analytical skills, consolidating information from large datasets, identifying key issues, deriving feasible solutions, and building up from his peers’ ideas to deliver a valuable product as the outcome of the project.
Antti Tenhiälä Associate Professor of Operations Management at IE Business School
Fernando is a resource with good training and skills in the financial sector, he has good communication skills, both in Spanish, English and French. Very willing to work and customer focus.
Crispulo Escudero CIO at techrules.com