The backbone of our activities:
Working efficiently, exceeding customer expectations, maintaining high standards of ethics in business


Our portfolio of projects allows us to satisfy a diverse pool of investors

We mainly invest via our financial vehicles in projects or companies at any development stage. Our selection matrix focuses on both hard metrics (ROI, EPS, P/E, ROA ...) and soft metrics such as growth potential and sustainability, project-holders’ personality, vision and commitment, and jobs creation.


From financing working-capital to settling import-export issues

We review your needs and jointly define your optimal investment profile. We then perform brokerage services either directly or through introduction to regulated operators in Paris, London, Luxembourg, Geneva, UAE, New-York or Hong-Kong.

We also provide access to working capital for commodity trades and facilitate transactions by connecting performing parties to our business network.


This is where we both compete and team with investment banks

We assist our customers in structuring financial instruments backed by banks or other financial institutions, as well as in raising finance with the support of governmental and affiliated institutions. Additionally, we harness unconventional financing schemes, such as asset-backed financing, corporate bonds issues or corporate assets securitization.


We combine financial advisory & management consulting to boost your growths

Through financial advisory, we structure M&A and corporate development deals. Through project management, we implement winning and sustainable strategies.Through business performance improvement, we streamline synergies via process re-engineering, organizational development and design, HR strategy and management, quality management & risk prevention/mitigation.

We strive to make you thrive

Because we are passionate about what we do, we are eager to see how you can get your project started asap. That being a new department abroad, settling financing solutions for trades or lubricating working capital.