We are passionate about solving problems

Because we believe every hurdle can be turned into a springboard to rise higher.

Finding solutions is not just what we do,
it is part of who we are.

Talented family behind the good reputation

We believe in people, invest in people and grow thanks to our people, to our peers and to our network of relations. BHGroup started as a family business and grew to become a network of trusted advisors.

Because we value trust and dedication as the utmost values in business, slowly, throughout the years, we have achieved to build outstanding rapport with our business partners, our peers and our network of talents in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.




Meet our group of companies.

HQ for our consortium of boutique advisory firms.

A financial company used for Private Equity investments, with a primary focus on European projects.

A financial advisory boutique specializing in private equity, venture capital, asset management and corporate finance transactions.

A special purpose vehicle for investments on financial markets and international ventures.

A management consulting boutique specialising in business performance improvement and project management.

A management consulting boutique specialising in corporate development (international business development, commodity brokerage, restructuring and reorganisation, transition management, and turnaround consulting) in the UK.

A foundation that deals with impact investments oriented towards social development and fight against poverty in West and Central Africa.

A company specialized in real-estate transactions & properties management.